Sunreef 100 Eco

LOA 100


BEAM 13m

SOLAR PANELS up to 45.1kWp


The Sunreef 100 Eco sets a new standard for sustainable superyacht design, combining advanced green technology and luxurious living space. As part of the Sunreef Yachts Eco range, which includes the Sunreef 50 Eco, Sunreef 60 Eco, Sunreef 70 Eco, and Sunreef 80 Eco, this bespoke all-electric luxury craft offers a truly eco-friendly yachting experience. It embodies sustainability, powered by twin 180kW electric engines and equipped with high-performance batteries and Sunreef Yachts' solar power system. With an impressive 242.5m² of integrated solar panels generating up to 45.1kWp, the Sunreef 100 Eco showcases the shipyard's award-winning technology. It also features responsibly sourced or recycled finishing materials and an energy-saving air-conditioning system, adhering to the Sunreef Yachts Eco philosophy.