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BEAM 32.17 ft



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Bad Girl is a 186.02ft /56.7m motor yacht, launched in 1992 by Brooke Marine. Previously named Chamar, her impressive interior is by Luigi Sturchio, and her exterior styling is by Don Shead Yacht Design.

Bad Girl’s interior layout sleeps up to 12 guests in 7 rooms, including a master suite, 3 double cabins and 3 twin cabins. She is also capable of carrying up to 15 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience.

Basic Specs

Name: “BAD GIRL”

  • Official Number: 721917
  • Port or Registry: Hamilton, Bermuda
  • Builder: Brooke Marine/Abeking & Rasmussen
  • Type of Vessel: Commercial
  • Signal Letters: ZCBC9
  • Construction Material: Aluminum
  • IMO Number: 1001192
  • Keel Laid: October 1989
  • Date Measured: July 1991
  • Gross Tonnage: 709
  • Net Tonnage: 212
  • Classification:
  • Lloyds Register of Shipping 100 A1A, Maltese Cross LMC.ISP,MCA
  • MCA: Large Yacht Code for Commercial Charter Yachts – In compliance with LY2

Engine room

Main Engines & Exhausts:

Engines rebuilt in 2013

The yacht is provided with three (3) main diesel engines.

  • Three (3) MTU sixteen (16) cylinder 16V396 twin turbocharged four-stroke cycle highspeed
  • diesel propulsion engines, operating on diesel or marine gas oil (“MGO”).
  • Maker: MTU
  • Model: 16V396
  • Serial Numbers: Port: 5590629 Center: 5590630 Starboard: 5590631
  • Operating hours: Port: 17508 Center: 7204 Starboard: 17507
  • The following are additional basic details of the main engines:
  • Mounting: Flexibly mounted atop engine side girders
  • Gear Box: Close coupled
  • Starting: Battery
  • Controls: MTU Electronic control with throttle / gear controls at
  • wheelhouse, wing stations and engine side
  • Cooling: Jacket and charge air coolant fresh water
  • Seawater plate type heat exchangers via attached
  • centrifugal pumps.
  • Lube oil pump: Integral
  • Fuel strainers / filters: Racor triplex MA 1000

Marine Gears:

The yacht shaft lines are provided with reverse reduction gears. The gears were externally visually examined.

  • Manufacturer: ZF
  • Gear Model: BU 755
  • Ratio: 3.321 to 1 (pt/stbd) 2.793:1 (ctr)
  • Serial Number: Port: 307GGL Center: 301GGL Starboard: 306GGL
  • Gear oil pump: Primary (input) gear driven
  • Clutch: 24 VDC electric controlled hydraulic on input and reverse
  • Thrust bearing: External – see “Running Gear”
  • Controls & indicators: Gearbox side with indicators
  • Engine local operating panels
  • Wheelhouse main and wing consoles

Running Gear:

There are three (3) KaMeWa water jets as part of the yacht’s original machinery outfitting. The following are main details:

  • Number: Three, Port and starboard turning, center fixed boost jet
  • Material: Stainless Steel six bladed impellers
  • Struts: One single leg and one vee strut per shaft
  • Bearings: single pillar block per shaft
  • Drive seals: Mechanical, water cooled
  • Earthing: Brush system on each shaft


The vessel is fitted with active fin stabilization. Fin actuators are located in watertight compartments easily accessible from the tank deck via hinged watertight hatches.

  • Manufacturer: Quantum Marine
  • Type: At anchor “Zero Speed” hydraulic-fixed fin
  • Actuator model: QC 1800 XT
  • Rams: 2 x per actuator
  • Location: Under guest bunks
  • Fins: Steel foil shaped – area not determined
  • Power pack: QP 2020CD
  • Hour meter: 7621
  • Control panels: ARC 3001 MK2 Bridge

Main Generators:

  • Manufacturer/Assembler: Mercedes Benz
  • Type: 10V183
  • Location: Engine Room aft port/starboard in sound enclosures
  • Rating gen sets: 184 eKW / 380 VAC 50 Hz. 3-phase 0.8 pf
  • Starting system: Battery
  • Cooling: Sea Water Cooled Heat Exchanger
  • Engine Serial Numbers:
  • Generator port: 423.900-000-521445
  • Generator stbd.: 423.900-000-521447
  • Generator Port hours: 52332 hrs, complete rebuild @ 43000
  • Generator Starboard hours: 49688 hrs, complete rebuild @ 41616

Main Generator:

The yacht is fitted with an oil water separator in the engine room forward starboard:

  • Manufacturer: Facet International
  • Alarm: Deckma OMD-2005, 15 ppm(last serviced 19 Mar 2013)
  • Location: Starboard Forward ER
  • Meets IMO MEPC 107(49)

Fuel Filling & Transfer Systems:

The yacht is fitted with a fuel (diesel or marine gas oil “MGO”) filing and transfer system, as well as a fuel service system. The fuel filling and transfer system accepts fuel from the bunker fueling stations, port and starboard main deck bulwark, just aft of mid ships. The fuel enters the fill stations passing through a Tokico fuel meter to the distribution manifold located in the forward engine room port side. From there it can be disbursed to tanks No.1-No.7. Fuel tanks No.8 and No.9 respectively need to be filled and transferred via independent pumps through tanks No1. and No.4 respectively. The generators are provided fuel via a small service tank with independent transfer pump that starts automatically when the generators start. The principal equipment of the fuel oil system was visually examined and includes:

  • Fuel Filling & Transfer
  • 10 total - fuel storage / service tanks

Diesel Fuel:

  • No.1 Port outboard Fr 12-17 8313
  • No.2 Port Inboard Fr 12-17 12,400
  • No.3 Starboard Inboard Fr 12-17 12,400
  • No.4 Starboard Out Board Fr 12-17 8313
  • No.5 Port Fr 17-20 11,732
  • No.6 Starboard Fr 17-20 11,732
  • No.7 Centerline Fr 36-39 11,637
  • No.8 Converted Ballast Tank Fr 20-23.5 16,110
  • No.9 Converted Ballast Tank Fr 20-23.5 16,110
  • Fuel oil service tank Fr 11-12 3132
  • Fuel bunker stations port/starboard, aft of mid-ships in outer bulwarks.
  • Tokico Fuel meter
  • Transfer manifold with valves
  • 2 x fuel transfer engine room forward port
  • 2x fuel transfer pumps forward port and starboard for tanks 8&9
  • 1x tender transfer pump
  • Electronic tank level indicating system
  • Remote quick closing valves at tank outlets
  • Fill / transfer piping
  • Tank vent piping
  • Tender fueling system in port Transom Locker

Fuel Service System

  •   FO settling and day tanks (incl. abv)
  •   Alfa laval centrifuge
  •   1 x tender fueling system with electric pump
  •   Racor triplex primary fuel filters MA 1000’s for main diesel engines
  •   Racor duplex primary fuel filters MA 1000’s for generator diesel engines
  •   Remote quick closing valves at tank outlets

Water Makers:

The yacht is equipped with two (2) reverse osmosis freshwater maker units. The units were visually examined but were not in use as the yacht was in port. Principal details of the water makers include:

  • 2x FCI @3100GPD
  • Model NM31353S
  • MFG: 3/2/2010
  • S/N: Port: 3811, Starboard: 3810

Each unit has an independent sea suction, low-pressure supply pump and high-pressure membrane pump. Supply water from sea chest flows through a series of media filters prior to the membranes. Discharge from the water makers is to the forward holding tanks.  Additionally, the tanks can be filled by two fill locations and one fill location through a water softener. 

Air Conditioning and Ventilation:

AC system rebuilt in 2021

The yacht is provided with air conditioned / heated accommodation, service and technical spaces. The system is based on the chilled water fan coil principle, with main air handlers treating the re-circulated and fresh intake air to meet the design performance specifications. The components were visually examined as accessible, seen in use in the air conditioning mode, and found satisfactory. Principal details include:

  • Principal Sub-Contractor: Carrier
  • System Assembler / Manufacturer: Carrier
  • Capacity: 30,000 BTU’s
  • HVAC Monitoring & Control
  • The system is controlled and monitored locally at the fan coil controllers and engine room.
  • HVAC Chiller Plants
  • There are two (2) central compressors and condensers but only one chiller plant for
  • cooling / heat exchange. This duplication provides backup service provided the problem
  • isn’t with the chiller. Main details include:
  • 2x carrier semi-hermatic reciprocating compressors
  • Refrigerating – R22
  • 2 x chilled water pumps
  • 2 x sea water pumps
  • 2 x Shell and tube condensers
  • 1x chiller
  • 1x electric two stage 29 and 43 kw

Fan Coil Units

There are multiple air handler units for heat exchange / air treatment. These units are located throughout the vessel to provide effective cooling and heating. Heating is provided by a two-stage electric heater the re heats the chilled water total heating capacity 72kw.

Ventilation - Mechanical Supply & Exhaust

Mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation is provided in locations where heat is generated by the operation of equipment and appliances, or air exchange is otherwise desired. Extraction ventilation is provided for otherwise air-conditioned spaces in order to provide for fresh air exchange. Ventilation systems are provided for the following:

  •   Engine room
  •   Technical spaces
  •   Forepeak

Exhaust fans serving engine control room, galley laundry dryers, technical spaces, bow thruster room, Forepeak, accommodation spaces.

AC Sources:

New Atlas in 2013

The yacht is provided with two (2) main diesel generator sets for normal service, and one (1) emergency diesel generator set for the tender crane. Shore power connection is provided via 1 x shore cable.

  • Main generators: 2 x 185kW 380VAC 50 Hz 3 phase
  • Shore power: 1 x 75 kVA Atlas